Check out the video presentation of the Linux semi-dedicated packages, proposed by GMR Design. Watch what precisely indicates they are an original web hosting service.

A semi–dedicated server can be described as blend between a dedicated server and Linux cloud website hosting packages. It’s quite simple to control and manage and requires zero server management in the least – we will take care of everything about the server end for you. While doing so, you are going to experience computing power comparable to what a dedicated server can provide you.

All semi–dedicated servers, sold at GMR Design are located in GMR Design’s advanced USA datacenter, located in downtown Chicago. This data center features unrivaled connectivity through the US and also has built a great peering network together with data centers from the rest of the world, delivering outstanding connection speeds with every other Internet–connected place available. We implemented a customizable internal network, developed with Juniper routers and switches, in an effort to give you full network redundancy plus a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Each server is also provided with our Hosting Control Panel. This control panel was made to give advanced website management solutions in a user–friendly and uncomplicated manner. It enables you to regulate all your web sites and domain names from just one place, eradicating the requirement for any further panels. In addition, it comes full zero cost bonuses and tools to help you boost your site.